Terms & Conditions

 These premises are owned by Shipley Brothers LTD and are known as Shipleys Amusements/
  1. Customers must be over 18 years of
  2. Management may refuse access to the premises to any person without cause is shown, or prior notice
  3. Every game played at the venue shall be conducted by an official appointed by the proprietors for that purpose, and in accordance with Rules for Playing The decisions of the official so appointed shall be accepted as final and binding upon those taking part in the game.
  4. Where gaming is carried out at Shipleys Bingo premises, it will be conducted on such days and at such times and in such manner at each venue as Shipley Brothers Ltd The days and times and manner of play so determined will be prominently displayed in the premises. Shipley Brothers will determine any such charges to take part in gaming in accordance with the Regulations made under the Gambling Act 2005.
  5. The proprietors shall have the power to make regulations for the good order and conduct of the venue and of games taking place therein, and other activities and social events including regulations limiting the number of members admitted to any session of the venue or to take part in any game and other activities and social events.
  6. Participants shall be bound by these rules and comply with the regulations made by the proprietors and abide by the decisions of any official appointed by them to conduct any game, activity or social event.
  7. The company cannot be held responsible for articles left on these
  8. No more than one person per machine, anyone is excess of this will be required to leave the
  9. Stools are provided for players’ use only- restricted to one stool per
  10. Dogs are not allowed on the premises (except guide dogs)
  11. Alcoholic beverages or takeaway food cannot be consumed on these
  12. The management reserves the right to alter or withdraw promotions without prior notice due to circumstances beyond their control.
  13. Closing times must be adhered to so please ensure that all credits are played off as refunds are not
  14. Attendant must be called to witness machine bank payments. Failure to do so can result in a delay or refusal of payment (Managers decision is final)
  15. Please check your change immediately after transactions with staff as mistakes cannot be rectified
  16. Please note, tokens cannot be exchanged for cas
  17. In the interest of security and prevention of crime all activities on these premises are
  18. All Prize Draws conducted on these premises are free to No purchase is necessary to participate. The acceptance of a free prize draw or raffle ticket does not obligate you to participate in any other company activities.
  19. Dress Code – Full attire must always be worn – Hoods, Balaclavas or crash helmets must be removed on entry.


Gaming Disputes Procedure

  1. Shipleys amusements fully supports the objective detailed in the 2005 Gambling Act that gaming should be conducted fairly and openly.
  2. Should you have any complaint or dispute about any gaming-related decision, a member of our management team should be able to settle the problem for you at the time.
  3. However, should you not be satisfied with their decision, and all internal avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted, you may refer the matter to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS). This panel is tasked with reviewing any complaints or disputes relating to the bingo industry that cannot be settled internally.
  4. The procedure for settlement of any gaming-related dispute is as follows:-
  1. The matter should be raised with the duty manager at the time.
  2. If you are not satisfied with their decision, you should put your concerns in writing to the General Manager of the club, at the bingo club address Adress: 42 High St, Dudley DY1 1PN, Address: 22 High St, Dudley DY1 1PJ
  3. The outcome of your dispute will be confirmed in writing to you. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, then you will be notified in writing of the next stage of the dispute process.
  4. The internal process of your complaint will take no more than 8 weeks.
  5. Should all internal avenues have been exhausted and you are still not satisfied with the decision regarding your gaming complaint or dispute, you may refer the matter in writing to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) at the following address:-

Independent Betting Adjudication Service, PO Box 62639, London, EC3P3AS

Email: [email protected] 

Website: www.ibas-uk.com

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

  1. IBAS will only handle disputes received in writing and after they have entirely satisfied that all possibilities of an internal solution have been fully explored. Therefore, if you have not taken the matter through the internal disputes procedure described above, IBAS will refer it back to you until the internal process has been fully exhausted.
  2. Once a dispute has been accepted by IBAS for consideration and inquiries have been completed by IBAS it will be submitted to the IBAS panel for adjudication.
  3. The company is not legally bound to abide by any IBAS decision but would normally do so, other than in exceptional circumstances.
  4. Further information is available at www.ibas-uk.com


Code of Practice

  1. It is a legal requirement that persons under the age of 18 are prohibited entry to these premises and it is the responsibility of ALL members of staff to ensure that this is complied
  2. We operate a code of social responsibility and good All staff will be trained in all aspects of social responsibility and be aware of appropriate responses to those who exhibit signs of problem gambling.
  3. This company operates a self-exclusion policy and help can be obtained from the Gamcare Helpline (0808 8020 133) and at gamcare.org.uk
  4. Public areas of these premises are to be always supervised by a responsible person with adequate support staff available.
  5. Staff will ensure that all machines and games are maintained in efficient working Any fault noted or reported is to be recorded in the service engineers’ report book and notified to management/supervisory staff.
  6. Defective equipment will be taken out of
  7. All staff are to ensure that no disorderly conduct takes place on the premises, nor any undesirable characters be allowed The rules of no loitering and one person to any single-player machine are to be enforced. (Any person not playing machines or bingo will be asked to leave).
  8. No staff are to discriminate against or permit discrimination against any person on the grounds of colour, creed, race, sex or disability, nor allow leniency, favouritism or special consideration on the same
  9. No member of staff will conduct themselves nor allow others to conduct themselves in a manner that may bring the premises or company generally into disrepute.
  10. These premises are to be kept clean and tidy with adequate heat, light, and ventilation at all
  11. No business or trade may be conducted from these premises other than that of the employer and no items may be bought or sold between staff, staff and customers, customers and customers on these premises unless written permission is given by the company Directors or Senior Manager.
  12. No person is allowed to act as an agent or promoter of any business or sale on or from these
  13. Management and staff are to ensure that they are conversant with Health and Safety at Work Regulations and that such regulations are
  14. Any defective equipment, accident or serious complaint is to be notified to Head Office without delay, be management or supervisory
  15. Staff are to ensure that they are conversant with company rules and regulations and such rules and regulations are


Bingo Rules


  1. Tickets can be purchased up until the start of the
  2. For the games that are available to play charges to play notices will be on display in the venue.
  3. The number of tickets sold along with prize details will be visible to
  4. Bingo equipment will be checked prior to the start of each
  5. Players must ensure their tickets are not damaged, any problems must be reported to a member of staff before the start of the
  6. Customers must only play their allocated tickets(s), they cannot play on behalf of another
  7. The caller will announce the order of play and which game is to be played (i.e. Any line, 2 lines or full house). In the event of any other alternative, the caller will clearly indicate how the game can be won before it


  1. When the game starts, the caller will select and announce numbers, one at a time, in the strict order in which they are produced by the equipment.
  2. As numbers are announced, members mark off the corresponding number as it is called. When using markers or dabbers, extra care should be taken by members to ensure numbers are still legible for checking purposes.
  3. Tickets must remain intact at all times; damaged tickets will be rendered void and no prizes may be
  4. Re-checks of numbers are available until the 10th number is called or the line has been claimed, whichever comes In the event of a re­ check, the caller will stop the game and recall the numbers in numeric order ending with the last number called. The caller will then ask if there are any claims on the last called number before resuming the game.


  1. The first player to mark sufficient numbers on the same ticket to fulfil the game requirements must call out to stop the game, as soon as that combination is complete and before any further numbers are
  2. The point at which the next number is deemed to have been called will be the moment the caller has commenced that number in any degree. A number, once started, must be called in its entirety and is deemed to be the last number called.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of the player to stop the game before the next number is No member of staff will be allowed to accept responsibility on behalf of the player. The player must make their call loud enough to stop the caller progressing to the next number. Alerting other players of staff is not acceptable if the caller does not hear the claim in time. If this is disputed, no other person’s testimony is relevant.
  4. Where more than one game is being played on one ticket, the later game may not be claimed until the earlier game has been won and at least one further number has been announced by the It therefore follows that two different games may not be claimed on the same ‘check’ number. Also, a player may only claim a prize which is being played for at the time of the claim i.e. A claim for the house may not be made whilst playing for the 2 lines, in this instance the winner would receive the 2 line prize only and then the game would recommence for the full house.
  5. The next number displayed is not valid until announced by the


  1. Tickets must be intact in order for any claim to be checked.
  2. To claim a prize a player must produce the relevant
  3. The Caller will decide on a claim and announce their If they do not allow the claim, they will endeavour to obtain the players agreement to that decision. The reason why the claim has not been allowed will be announced before play resumes.
  4. When a player stops a game, but then indicates they have done so in error and decline to have their card checked, Shipley Brothers is relieved of any responsibility or liability in respect of that


  1. In the event of more than one valid claim for any game, the prize money for the game shall be shared equally among the winners unless otherwise
  2. In the event of a special game for a prize (not cash), the caller will announce before the game the procedure to be adopted in the event of multiple winners.
  3. Company employees are not allowed to take part in gaming of any kind in the premises where they are
  4. Customers are not permitted to play bingo on behalf of another person in any circumstances.
  5. All prize monies displayed or announced within the venue may be changed without prior notification at the discretion of the
  6. The management reserves the right to withdraw any advertised prize money without prior
  7. These rules may be updated or amended at any time without prior Any changes will be in accordance with the Gabling Act 2005.
  1. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


BUDDe – Terms & Conditions

  1. In order to play on a BUDDe Tablet, customers may be registered on our Membership system or use a guest account.
  2. In order to receive the £5 promotional credit, customers must top up their BUDDe account with £10 and purchase games for that amount.
  3. This offer is limited to one £5 credit per customer per day.
  4. Shipley Brothers Ltd reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time and without notice.
  5. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Promotions & Offers

  1. By taking part in any promotion/offer hosted by Shipley’s Amusements, it is deemed that the customer has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions for that promotion.
  2. All promotions/offers are only open to those who are aged 18 or over. Customers who appear to be under 25 will be asked for ID in-line with Shipley Brothers Think-25 policy.
  3. Shipley Brothers Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or alter any promotion without prior notice.
  4. Customers are not permitted to claim promotions intended or issued of collected by another person.
  5. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Promotional Match Plays

  1. Promotional Match Plays (also known as Cash Matches) may be offered at specific times on specific days.
  2. Dates and times will be advertised in advance in the venue.
  3. Customers must be present at the appropriate time in order to claim a Match Play.
  4. All roulette games are specifically excluded from this promotion. If customers attempt to use the Match Play on a roulette game, they will be asked to stop and use the Match Play on a different game. Failure to comply with this request may result in a customer being excluded from future Match Play promotions.
  5. All Match Plays are subject to an equivalent stake.
  6. Staff will ask for the initial stake to be entered first, prior to any Match Play being issued.
  7. Match Plays are only offered on the same machine on which the initial stake was placed.
  8. Once accepted, the Match Play must be played off and cannot be withdrawn.
  9. All prizes won using the Match Play can be withdrawn in the usual way.
  10. Should a customer enter an initial stake, receive a Match Play, and then play down to their initial stake and attempt to withdraw the funds, the match play will be cleared and voided from the machine credit.
  11. In the event of point 6 above, an additional stake will be required in order to activate another Match Play.
  12. Any customer deemed to be manipulating Match Plays may be refused participation in further promotional offers.
  13. Customers are not permitted to share initial stakes in order to collect a Match Play.
  14. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Stamper Card & Bonus Builder Cards

  1. Promotional Stamp Cards/Bonus Builder Cards can only be redeemed by the issuing venue.
  2. Stamp Cards/Bonus Builder Cards are issued to one person and can only be used by the named person whom they are issued to.
  3. One redemption per customer per day, (unless otherwise stated).
  4. One square can be redeemed per person per day (unless otherwise stated)
  5. No Promotional Cards can be back-dated and any missed stamps cannot be issued.
  6. Defaced/damaged/copied Promotional Cards will be void and cannot be redeemed.
  7. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Rainbow Bingo

  1. When games are promoted, the times of play will be advertised in the venue.
  2. Entry to games of Rainbow Bingo is Free of Charge.
  3. Prizes will be advertised before each game, including any additional jackpot prizes that may be offered
  4. Customers must be present when games are played.
  5. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Wheel of Fortune Terms & Conditions

  1. Wheel of Fortune is a Free promotion exclusive to Shipley Brothers Ltd
  2. Games are played completely at the Town Managers
  3. in any matters of dispute, the Town Managers’ decision is
  4. This promotion can be withdrawn at any
  5. The chance to spin the wheel is won through the rainbow losers
  6. Rainbow bingo games are played every hour (staff permitting) at 25 past the hour, with the exception of 14.25 which is played at 14.55 instead.
  7. The winning rainbow ticket must be claimed in order for the losers’ draw to go
  8. All losing rainbow tickets must have the customer’s name written on the back to be entered into the
  9. There must only be 1 ticket per customer entered into the draw, customers names cannot be on multiple
  10. The draw will take place-20 minutes after the rainbow game is played, the ticket pulled out with the customer’s name will decide the winner and they will then play spin the wheel.
  11. Spin the wheel is a computerised digital game which must be operated by a member of
  12. Any malfunction with the jigsaw system will void the game and prize
  13. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Free Draws & Other Promotions

  1. Free Draws can be offered as a bonus promotional activity. These can be manual or electronic using a series of opening/closing numbers.
  2. No purchase is necessary to take part in the draw.
  3. Prizes may vary and will be advertised in advance of the draw taking place.
  4. Customers must be present when the draw takes place in order to claim a prize (unless otherwise stated).
  5. Wins cannot be claimed on behalf of another person.
  6. Responsibility lies with the customer for the safekeeping of their draw tickets.
  7. Damaged, altered, or defaced draw tickets will be deemed void, and no gift will be issued.
  8. Shipley Brothers Ltd reserves the right to substitute a gift/prize for an alternative gift/prize of the same or greater value at any time.
  9. In the event of a computer or printer error, Shipleys Brothers Ltd reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or amend any Free Draw promotion at any time without any prior notification.
  10. In any dispute, Shipley’s Management’s decision is final.


Customer Notice

Notification of changes to the Terms & Conditions of Shipley Brothers Ltd

With effect from Tuesday 4th April, the following changes to the Terms & Conditions will take effect.

  • Removal of old promotions and games
  • Consolidation & update to current promotions

Notice displayed from 28th March 2023